We are
Grapes & Barley

Our Mission

Reintroducing People to Authentic Wine.

We strive to deliver the unadulterated flavors and aromas of grape varieties from around the world.

Our Team

Extraordinary Team with more than 70 years of combined Industry Expertise/Experience.

Advisory Board

Steve Goodrich Advisor

President/CEO – Center for Organizational Excellence

Cliff Ehrlich Advisor

Retired Marriott Executive/Currently Vineyard Owner – Member of the Oakville Growers

Management Team

Robert Hayk Founder/CEO

Bad Cop

Tina McKendree Co-Founder/Owner

Good Cop

Sales Team

Marianna Kmit Brand Ambassador

Chicago Metro Area Sales

Diana Richer Sales & Marketing

District of Columbia & PG County Sales

Matthew Bushman Sales & Marketing

Montgomery County Sales

Administrative Team

Brittany Martin Operations

Queen of the Warehouse

How we work

This is a collaborative process where through the sharing of ideas and joint discussions with our farmers, production team, distributors, and retailers we arrive at the optimal array of offerings to please and satisfy the demanding palates of our customers.

We have worked hard to build an experienced and multifaceted team at Grapes & Barley to help us reach our goals.


Our commitment to old-world, non-interventionist winemaking goes hand in hand with our commitment to the environment. All our producers value traditional winemaking techniques and sustainable growing and winemaking practices. We’re committed to your health as well. Natural wine has fewer chemical additives, contains antioxidants and resveratrol, and by being less processed, maintains a higher nutritional value.


Extraordinary Team with more than 70 years of combined Industry Expertise/Experience.


In select key markets, clients benefit from G&B’s distribution network that works directly retailers.


We work with retailers who share our philosophy and help us to maintain brand integrity.


Highest quality service model for our producers, retailers, and distribution partners.

Quality Control

Our wine portfolio is carefully curated to reflect superb quality, social awareness, and authenticity.

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