You Should Be Drinking Walnuts From a Bottle

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A nutty, warming liqueur with Italian heritage, nocino (pronounced no-CHEE-no), is exactly right to pour when the weather starts to cool. This liqueur, made from walnuts, tends to offer gentle sweetness and spice, without becoming too cloying. Some producers harvest the still-green walnuts as early as June, following Italy’s directive to pick on San Giovanni’s Day (June 24); others wait until September. Here are four takes on the traditional spirit, all worth pouring right now.



A particularly fruit-forward nocino-style liqueur, this spirit (25 percent ABV, $30) from Bulgaria is made from tender green walnuts and wine. Look for a bold cassis-like scent and a robust palate-coating flavor that suggests raspberry jam tinged with espresso and baking spice. It’s ideal as a dessert pairing.

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